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Refined look and feel of natural wood logs.

Close Up of EverLogs™ Notice the knots, growth rings and grain marks in our concrete log home siding. After seeing our completed homes, people frequently tell us how amazed they are at not being able to distinguish our concrete log house siding from natural wood log home siding.

See for yourself by viewing the selection of concrete log homes in our "log home photo gallery".

Unique Log Home Siding

  1. Panel Size & Wall Coverage:

    Our siding panels are two to three times the size of typical lap or log home siding. Each EverLog™ Siding panels is
    16" high x 12' long, and covers 16 square feet of wall space.

  2. Unique Texture:

    Our siding panels have a unique Hand Hewn texture unlike anything else in the manufactured siding market. Each panel replicates the grain, knots, and checks commonly found in natural wood timbers. EverLog™ Siding panels are an instant and dramatic improvement to any structure.

Worry Free Living

  1. Maintenance Free:

    Practically maintenance free, no need to preserve, re-stain, or seal annually.

    According to log home restoration companies, wood log home owners spend a minimum of $750 a year in labor and materials just to maintain their wood log home. In addition, every three to five years wood log home owners pay an average of $6,000 to have their homes preserved, re-stained, and sealed to protect them from the weather and insects.

    EverLog™ Siding is practically maintenance free, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the home. We want our customers to enjoy their log home and avoid spending time to maintain their investment.

  2. Fire Resistant - Class A Fire Rating:

    In 2003, over 4000 homes in the United States were destroyed by wildfires. And again this year (2012) wildfires in Colorado have been particularly devastating. Our concrete log siding has a Class A fire rating. Not only does our concrete log home siding provide superior fire protection, insurance companies provide our home owners with preferential insurance ratings resulting in lower homeowners insurance costs. Homeowners insurance is generally a minimum of 20% less costly than comparable frame or log homes. These savings increase in high fire zone areas.

  3. Resistant to Mold and Other Decay:

    EverLog™ Siding is resistant to mold and other forms of decay. Many regions in the United States have serious mold and other fungal growth problems. Because concrete does not culture mold our concrete log home siding solves these problems. This extends the life of the home and saves our clients the additional costs to treat these problems.

  4. Insect Free:

    EverLog™ Siding is resistant to all insects. Many regions in the United States have wood-eating insects including termites. Our concrete log home siding solves this problem.

  5. Versatility:

    EverLog™ Siding panels can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Environmentally Friendly/Green Homes

EverLog™ products are Environmentally Friendly and used in Green Homes across the country:

  No Harvesting of Trees: No trees are used in the production of our log home siding thus reducing the need to harvest forest products.
  Recyclable Materials: We are refining the use of recycled materials in our concrete mix. Materials like fly ash (a by-product of coal production) which reduces the amount of cement in our concrete mix.

Cost Savings

  1. Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums:

    Lower insurance rates with EverLogs™ Because our concrete log siding provides a range of benefits that exceed most building code requirements many insurance companies will extend preferential homeowners insurance rates to our clients.

  2. Competitively priced with hand-crafted wood log sided homes:

    Cost savings by using EverLog™ Siding See our "Side by Side Price Comparison" with wood log home siding.

  3. Higher Resale Value:

    Because our concrete log siding is superior to wood, requires little to no maintenance and is resistant to mold and other decay they retain a higher resale value. As one real estate agent commented "An EverLog™ home is essentially the same home in year one as it is in year fifty."

  4. Ease of Installation:

    Because EverLog™ Siding panels cover more wall area, less time is spent on installation and cutting. Additionally, fewer fasteners are requred.

Innovative Materials & Structural Performance

  1. Innovative Materials:

    Our log home siding panels are made from a proprietary light weight, high strength, glass fiber reinforced concrete.

  2. No shifting, settling, twisting, or shrinkage:

    Wood logs naturally shrink, shift, twist and settle after construction because of their inherent moisture content and other natural properties. Our concrete log siding is stable and require no adjustments due to shrinking, settling, twisting or shifting, saving significant owner expense.

  3. Horizontal Connections:

    Smooth transitions at butt-joints with EverLog™ Siding With most siding the horizontal connection (butt joint) is uneven and very apparent. Our horizontal connections are visually seamless and natural looking.

  4. Code Compliant:

    Our glass fiber reinforced concrete meets all codes (IBC/IRC/PCI/ACI/NPCA) and ASTM testing. Our siding does not use steel for reinforcement. For more information about why steel is not approved as reinforcement in thin concrete panels and siding please read the following white paper.

Patented Technology

EverLog™ Siding contains our patented technology for use in the concrete log home siding construction industry. Patent 8,302,355

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