What is EverLog™ Siding?

EverLog™ Siding is a concrete log siding product used in renovations and new construction. Designed to perform better than logs it will transform the look and performance of any home or structure.

Worry Free EverLog™ Siding is a patented, revolutionary concrete log siding. Made of light weight reinforced concrete (also referred to as fiber cement siding), EverLog™ Siding eliminates the costly maintenance, susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with log or other siding materials.

Fiber cement siding is sometimes referred to as "fake or faux". However, when you see our EverLog™ Siding you won't use terms or phrases like "fake log siding" or "faux log siding" but more likely "beautiful", "realistic", "that is not wood?" or just "looks better than logs" Visit our testimonials page for more information.

Typical EverLog™ Siding Wall Section

EverLog™ Siding's features and benefits include the following:
  1. Panel Size and Wall Coverage:
    EverLog™ Siding panels are two to three times the size of typical siding. Depending on the profile, each panel ranges from 12" to 16" high x 12' long, and covers 12 to 16 square feet of wall space.

  2. Ease of Installation:
    Because EverLog™ Siding panels cover more wall area than other siding products less cutting and installation is required. Additionally, fewer fasteners are required to install our concrete log siding.

  3. Pre-Finished:
    Our concrete log siding is pre-finished to replicate the exact character, texture and warm appeal of quality handcrafted wood logs. Most other siding products require an additional cost for finishing.

    EverLog™ Siding uses a 3 stage finishing process that has been tested and proven in the concrete industry for 40+ years. Our finish is UV resistant and since our concrete siding has microscopic pores the finish is absorbed and locked into the concrete.

  4. Three Dimensional Profile:
    EverLog™ Siding panels are three dimensional with a face that extends 1-1/2" to 3-3/4" away from the wall, depending on the profile. This feature gives the unmistakable appearance of a heavy wood timber. Most siding products are two dimensional which means a flat surface with little or no texture.

  5. Unique Texture:
    All our concrete siding products (16" Hand-Hewn, 10" Plank, 8" Round, 12" Round, Board and Batten) have unique textures and are unlike anything else in the manufactured siding market. Each panel replicates the grain, knots, and checks commonly found in natural wood timber siding. All EverLog™ Siding products are an instant and dramatic improvement to any structure and will perform better than logs.

  6. Innovative Materials:
    EverLog™ Siding uses a proprietary Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) mix that has been extensively tested and is widely used in similar applications. Our mix produces a lightweight and very high strength siding material without the need for additional reinforcement. EverLog™ Siding panels will not burn, warp, twist, shrink, or settle.

    Why EverLog™ Concrete Log Siding Does Not Contain Steel
    Our siding does not require steel for support or strength. For more information about why steel is not approved as reinforcement in thin concrete panels and siding please read the following white paper.

  7. Versatility:
    EverLog™ Siding can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

  8. Horizontal Connections:
    With most siding products the horizontal connection (butt joint) is uneven and very apparent. Our horizontal connections are seamless and have a natural appearance.

  9. EverLog™ Siding is Patented.
Please continue to view our EverLog™ Siding pages. Here you will find brochures, features and benefits, color options, photos from completed projects and much more. Alternatively, give us a call at 1.877.257.5647 to speak with an EverLog™ Systems associate.
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